4 Stage Water Filtration System

Our 4 stage water filtration system, as its name suggests, puts water through 4 different stages of filtration down to an amazing 0.01 micron. The system comes with everything you need to filter the water coming out of one tap in the home, including: one of each of the cartridges (red sediment filter, yellow activated carbon block filter, purple ultra filtration filter and blue activated granular carbon filter), a tap, a non-return 350 kPa PLV, a tap fixing kit, plastic tubing and connectors. You will be enjoying delicious, clean water in no time.

STREAM 4 water filter
STREAM 4 Water Filter
  • 4 stage water filtration system
  • Ultra filtration down to 0.01 micron
  • Easy under sink installation
  • Great tasting water with activated granular carbon filter
  • Individual cartridges for each stage
  • Save money compared to buying bottled water
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