Air Source Hydronic Heating Heat Pumps

With an increasing number of families looking into alternative means of keeping their homes warm over winter, hydronic heating systems have started to see huge popularity in the New Zealand market. The system warms using water heated up to 65 degrees; once the water reaches the desired temperature, it passes through pipes laid beneath the home's floors and its heat radiates upwards into the rooms above. To help your home produce hot water for the system in a way that is renewable, STIEBEL ELTRON supplies a range of air source heat pumps that utilise energy in the air to produce heat. If you aren't sure which heat pump is best to meet your needs, our team is here to help. We can assist in the selection of a pump that suits the size of and number of occupants in your home.

WPL-A Premium Air Source Heat Pump
WPL-A 05 / WPL-A 07
  • Air source heat pump for heating, hot water and cooling
  • Inverter technology provides adjusted heating output
  • High flow temperatures of up to 75 °C enable high DHW temperatures and mixed water volumes
  • Low operating costs through high efficiency all year round
  • Smart Grid ready for connection to solar PV and energy management systems
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air source heat pump
WPL 25 AC / WPL 25 ACS
  • Perfect fit for the standard New Zealand family home
  • Made in Germany with premium quality parts
  • Energy efficient operation delivers exceptional
    COP of 5
  • Outdoor installation to harvest energy from the air and turn it into comfortable heat for your home
  • SmartGrid and solar PV ready to integrate in-home energy management system
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WPL 17 ACS Classic
WPL 17 ACS Classic
  • Perfect solution for high performing homes such as passive houses
  • Made in Germany with premium quality parts
  • High-efficiency thanks to advanced inverter technology
  • SmartGrid and solar PV ready
  • Quietest air source heat pump solution on the market
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WPL 24 air sourced heat pump
WPL 24 I
  • Air source heat pump engineered for indoor installation
  • Made in Germany with premium quality parts
  • Awarded with highest European efficiency
    class A++
  • SmartGrid and solar PV ready
  • Very quiet operation to ensure premium home comfort
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Air sourced heat pump
WPL 57
  • Achieves high heating demands for apartment blocks and commercial buildings
  • Made in Germany with premium quality parts
  • Air source heat pump for outdoor installation
  • Option to cascade multiple heat pumps for heating output up to 186 kW
  • SmartGrid and solar PV ready
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Know more about STIEBEL ELTRON hydronic heating pumps

Fossil fuels are on a decline in the electricity market - not only are they becoming more scarce, they're too harmful to the environment. Renewable energies are set to become the norm for our home's energy supply. As nearly 80% of the energy consumed in the home is for heating and hot water, it makes sense to focus on generating green power for hydronic heating systems.

Air source heat pumps are installed either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor air is delivered to the pump via hoses and a fan. A heat exchanger then extracts the energy from the air, which is converted by the pump into useful heat.

Even at icy cold temperatures as low as -20oC, the pump will be absolutely reliable. We manufacture dedicated heating devices designed for cold European climates.

Conventional heat pumps are either on or off - there is no in between. This is why STIEBEL ELTRON has added inverter technology to our air source heating system - they will always deliver precisely the output that is required at any given time (no more, no less). This is more energy efficient, as well as helping to reduce noise emissions during spring and autumn (when the fan can operate on a lower output).

These heat pumps are also relatively easy to install, which makes them more affordable and a better choice when modernising your existing heating system.

We have a range of heat pumps to suit any demand, from small units through to apartment blocks and commercial buildings.

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