Room Heaters

When the cold weather hits, ensuring that our homes are kept toasty warm is essential. This will guarantee our comfort as well as help to lessen the chance of becoming unwell. STIEBEL ELTRON has a number of options to choose from, including: fan assisted electric room heaters, convection electric panel heaters, under tile heating and hand dryers. With the high energy star ratings of the heaters, you can rest assured that they're energy efficient, too.

Convection Electric Panel Heaters

  • Highly sensitive thermostat
  • Slim compact design
  • Thermal safety cut out
  • Silent operation
  • Convection heating, Asthma and allergy friendly
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Fan Assisted Electric Room Heaters

  • Fan assisted heater for quick room heating
  • Automatic cut out when set temperature is reached
  • Slim curved design
  • Easy wall mounting installation
  • Thermal safety cut out
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Infrared quartz radiant bathroom heater

Bathroom Heaters

  • Infrared quartz radiant heaters
  • Pleasant radiant heat for indoors or protected outdoor areas
  • Heating up to1.2 kW
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Floor heating

Under Tile Heating

  • Easy installation with adhesive mesh to hold mat in place
  • Fully programmable controller
  • Operates independently of existing heating system
  • Ideal for renovations or new buildings
  • One controller can operate both the under tile and in-shower under tile heating mats up to 15m2
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Hand dryers

Hand Dryers

  • Hygienic touch free operation
  • Plastic or brushed stainless steel casing
  • HEPA filtration for room sanitation
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Know more about STIEBEL ELTRON Room Heaters

STIEBEL ELTRON's range of room heaters provide a safe, comfortable environment with a high level of energy efficiency. Couple this with our advanced German room heating engineering and you can be assured of ultimate reliability and outstanding performance in your STIEBEL ELTRON wall mounted or panel heating system. Our range of room heaters and room heating systems include the CK series, and the convection wall mounted model.

STIEBEL ELTRON New Zealand's range of wall mounted fan heater and panel room heaters are all designed to provide quick response heating from an attractive appliance that blends in with the style of any room. Both our wall mounted and panel models are available with features such as variable temperature selection from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius, 24 hour quartz time switch for programmable heating times, a quiet cross-flow fan, in-built thermal cut-out for protection against overheating, double insulation and safety tilt sensors. A STIEBEL ELTRON room heater will transform your home from cold to cosy with a steady, radiant heat.

Our electric heating appliances from STIEBEL ELTRON New Zealand are all sold assembled, so installation is as simple as mounting the heater on the wall and plugging it in. Our electric room heating systems are also easy to use and come with various safety features to protect your home.

Either of our electric wall heaters will be the perfect addition to any room of your home due to their compact design and quiet operation – rooms will be kept toasty warm even in the dead of winter. They will also provide each room with an even level of warmth via uniform air heating. Both our fan assisted and convection panel room heaters are fairly unobtrusive, ensuring that they fit seamlessly into your home décor.

Room heating products from STIEBEL ELTRON New Zealand also provide efficient energy consumption, which can have a great impact on the environment and on your heating bills. Our range of wall mounted and panel room heaters are some of the most energy efficient room heating solutions available in New Zealand.

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