Buffer Cylinders

  • Made in Germany
  • Problem solver in complex hydronic heating systems
  • 100 – 1500 L capacity
  • Compatible with all STIEBEL ELTRON hydronic heat pumps
  • Highly effective insulation for low heat losses
  • Can be combined with a solar thermal systems (SOL models)
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Product Overview

The SBP range of freestanding cylinders offer an ideal interface and collecting point for even the most diverse heating systems. This not only saves a lot of space, but also saves energy. With the SOL versions, it is also possible to integrate a solar thermal system.

Product Details

Buffer cylinder for heating heat pumps in large systems. The cylinder enables hydraulic separation between the heat pump and heating circuit flows, extends the operating time of the heat pump and stores heating energy. Suitable for use in apartment buildings and commercial buildings.

Convenience features
Steel cylinder with flange connections arranged at the front, one above the other, for the primary and secondary circuit. There is also an additional connector for combination with further heat generators. An additional indirect coil or a flanged immersion heater can also be fitted as required for the specific system. For this purpose, a flanged aperture sealed with a blank flange has been integrated. The SOL types are also equipped with an internal smooth tube solar indirect coil.

Low standby losses in conjunction with the high-grade thermal insulation as an accessory. Good temperature stratification due to matched inlet and outlet technology. Designed for connecting heat pumps with high flow rates on the primary side.

Technical Data

Model number SBP 100 classic SBP 200 E SBP 400 E
Rated capacity 100 L 207 L 415 L
Height 877 mm 1535 mm 1710 mm
Diameter 510 mm 630 mm 750 mm
Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C 1.2 kWh 1.1 kWh 1.6 kWh
Connection 2x G 1 1/4 A 4x G2 A 4x G2 A
Weight 21 kg 58 kg 81 kg
Solar Thermal Compatible No No No
Model number SBP 700 E [SOL] SBP 1000 E [SOL] SBP 1500 E [SOL]
Rated capacity 720 L 1006 L 1503 L
Height 1890 mm 2300 mm 2220 mm
Diameter 910 mm 1010 mm 1220 mm
Weight / Weight SOL model 185 kg / 216 kg 172 kg / 219 kg 229 kg / 285 kg
Solar Thermal Compatible SOL model – max. 14 m2 SOL model – max. 20 m2 SOL model – max. 30 m2


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