Carinity Cedarbrook

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Carinity Cedarbrook

Carinity Cedarbrook is an aged-care community located in Mudgeeraba. Residents enjoy 96 hotel-style private suites with ensuites, spread across three levels, each floor features a dining lounge, quiet retreats and kitchen hubs. DHE 27 electric instantaneous water heaters were installed in the aged care suites and facilities to provide limitless hot water, while our WWK 302 hot water heat pumps were specified for the laundry.

  • Carinity Cedarbrook
Products 3 x WWK 302 Hot Water Heat Pumps - 1 per laundry washing machine
48 x DHE 27 AU - 1 Per Two Aged Care Suites
2 x DHE 27 AU - Commercial Kitchen Area
1 x DHE 27 AU - Hair Dresser
1 x DHE 27 AU - Staff Kitchen
1 x DHE 27 AU - Per Pan Sanitizer Room
Civil & Structural Engineer MPN Consulting
Builders Paynter Dixon
Hydraulics Design Mora Consulting Pty Ltd
Plumbing Contractors Cargo Plumbing