Company Profile

At STIEBEL ELTRON, we are committed to providing exceptional home comfort products that help our customers create the homes of the future. With almost a century of experience in manufacturing innovative home appliances, our name has become synonymous with green, energy-efficient hot water, heating, and ventilation. Our success is rooted in our unwavering dedication to high quality, innovation, technical efficiency, reliability, and customer service.

Our German engineering excellence has allowed us to grow from our humble beginnings in Germany to become a global leader in our industry, distributing our products to over 120 countries worldwide. In New Zealand, our journey began in 1996 with agents mainly selling hot water and heaters. After over a decade of success, we became a subsidiary in 2016.

Our focus on developing more efficient products that save water and energy, as well as systems that offer greater convenience and comfort, positions us as a future-driven company. Our future-oriented solutions developed for today hold us in good stead for the future. With 100 years of experience in developing innovative building services, 50 years of heat pump experience, and 25 years of ventilation experience, we are confident in our ability to continue providing exceptional products and services to our customers.

Join us in creating the homes of the future with STIEBEL ELTRON.