DEM 6 + Sensor Tap

  • Electronically controlled mini instantaneous water heater with 5.7 kW output
  • Delivers a maximum of 50°C
  • No standby or distribution losses
  • Hardwired single phase connection
  • Optional automatic sensor tap
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Product Overview

The DEM 6 mini electronic water heater delivers precise and efficient hot water up to 50 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for small-scale applications. Its compact design suits commercial bathrooms, and when paired with a WSH sensor tap, it enhances hygiene by providing touch-free handwashing.

Available at:
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Product Details

Accurate temperature delivery up to 50 degrees
This appliance delivers water at an electronically controlled set temperature without having to overcome long supply lines with resulting line losses. Consequently, the DEM 6 is ideally suited to washbasins in commercial bathrooms, where a constant outlet temperature is preferred. Delivering a maximum of 50°C hot water following AS3498, the DEM is hardwired to the 230 V mains. With modest dimensions, the DEM 6 single-phase instantaneous water heater is a discreet solution.

Touch-free handwashing
Sensor taps provide the best solution to hygiene, as your hands do not need to come into contact with the tap. This is particularly important in shared bathrooms, where users are exposed to germs from other users.

Technical Data

Model number DEM 6
Rated output (230V) 5.7kW
Rated current (230V) 24.7Amp
Phases 1/N/PE/AC 230V
Electrical Installation As per AS/NZS3000
Installation requirements AS/NZS3500.4.2 & local requirements
Switch on flow rate (minimum flow rate required to switch on the water heater) 2.2L/min
Permissible operating pressure 1000kPa
Temperature output 50°C max
IP Rating IP25
Height 143mm
Width 190mm
Depth 82mm
Weight 1.7kg
Colour white
For one/several draw off points Yes/No
Heating system Bare wire
Electronic flow rate control No
Electronic air detection system No
Programmable temperature No


File Category Type Download
DEM 6 DatasheetData SheetPDF
577.73 kB
WSH Sensor Tap DatasheetData SheetPDF
236.61 kB
DEM 6 Operation & Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
3.84 MB
WSH Sensor Tap Operation & Installation Guide Operation and Installation GuidePDF
2.30 MB
DEM 6 WarrantyWarrantyPDF
161.35 kB
DEM 6 2D CAD DFX FileTechnical DrawingDXF
838.96 kB
DEM 6 2D CAD DWG FileTechnical DrawingDWG
442.01 kB
DEM 6 3D CAD 3DS FileTechnical Drawing3DS
642.30 kB
DEM 6 3D CAD IGS FileTechnical DrawingIGS
35.63 MB
DEM 6 3D CAD STP FileTechnical DrawingSTP
34.45 MB
WHS Dimension DrawingTechnical DrawingPNG
324.59 kB
WSH Exploded DiagramExploded DiagramPNG
112.38 kB


Does the DEM 6 operate on a standard 10 Amp power point with three-pin plug?

No, the DEM 6 single phase instantaneous water heater requires a dedicated hard-wired circuit as they draw more than 10 Amps.

Can the DEM 6 AU unit be used with a sink?

No, designed only for basin use.

Can I use other taps with the DEM 6 AU?

Yes, low-flow basin taps can be used.

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