Enfield Apartments

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Enfield Apartments

The Enfield apartments, designed by GEL Architects, is a modern development of forty apartments that aims to intersect the energy of urban and suburban living. The development includes 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, all housed within a seven-level structure that is an architectural statement. The design of the apartments is residential in nature, but with an industrial edge reflective of its former warehouse district. Located in Mt Eden, the apartments embody the vibrant city culture within an emerging residential community.

The architectural design of the Enfield apartments is unique, with its seven-level structure serving as an architectural statement that has become a landmark in Mt Eden. The apartments' design is residential in nature, with a modern twist that blends the energy of urban living with the comforts of suburban life. The apartments feature spacious living areas, modern amenities, and large windows that allow natural light to flood the living spaces.

In addition to the stunning architectural design, the Enfield apartments are equipped with 40 DHE 27 AU 3-phase electric instantaneous water heaters, supplied by Stiebel Eltron. These water heaters deliver domestic hot water to each apartment efficiently, contributing to the success of this project. The water heaters are designed to provide instant hot water to the residents, ensuring that they have access to hot water whenever they need it.

The Enfield apartments are a modern development that offers residents the best of both worlds - the energy of urban living and the comforts of suburban life. The apartments' unique architectural design, modern amenities, and efficient water heaters make it a desirable place to live.

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