Under Tile Heating: FTM and FTB

  • Fast and comfortable under tile heating
  • Helps prevent mould by drying out bathroom floors and shower bases
  • Operates silently and independently of existing heating system
  • Set and forget programmable controller with day programs, party and holiday modes
  • Suitable for renovations or new buildings
  • Adhesive mats to hold in place for easy installation
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Product Overview

Explore the world of FTM underfloor heating and discover the luxury of FTB in-shower underfloor heating

Experience the epitome of comfort and luxury with our exceptional underfloor heating solutions. Introducing the STIEBEL ELTRON underfloor heating mats, designed to provide quick and efficient warmth, ensuring a cozy and comfortable atmosphere beneath your feet. Transform your space into a haven of warmth and indulgence.

Indulge in the ultimate underfloor heating experience with our in-shower underfloor heating mats. Beyond adding warmth to your bathroom, this mat contributes to mould prevention by heating the shower base and rapidly drying the area. Elevate your daily shower routine with a touch of luxurious warmth.

Revolutionise your control with STIEBEL ELTRON's innovative RTF-Connect system. Simplifying the management of your underfloor heating, this system offers seamless control through the thermostat or via our user-friendly app. Take charge of heating zones, individual thermostats, schedules, and modes effortlessly with our hassle-free setup.

Available at:
Or your local plumbing supply store.

Product Details

Explore a diverse selection of underfloor heating mat sizes tailored to suit various bathroom dimensions. Our in-shower heating mats are conveniently available in two sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your shower space. The versatility of these mat meshes allows for easy customization around fixtures, drains, and uniquely shaped bathrooms. It's important to note that while the mat can be trimmed for flexibility, the heating element itself should not be cut. Therefore, please carefully select the appropriate mat size to guarantee optimal performance.

Introducing the RTF-Connect electronic controller, specifically crafted for floor heating systems equipped with WiFi connectivity. This versatile controller serves dual purposes, offering precise control over floor temperature or room temperature when coupled with a floor limit sensor. The 2-inch touch thermostat is equipped with WiFi capabilities, a built-in sensor, and a 3-metre floor sensor for comprehensive temperature management.

Explore the key features:

  • No gateway required
  • Discover our app, SWATT, available in your preferred app store
  • Straightforward setup and hassle-free usage
  • Redundant control - enjoy full thermostat control
  • Comprehensive APP control, managing heating zones, individual thermostats, heating schedules, and heating modes

Technical Data

Model number FTM 1 m2 Pack FTM 2 m2 Pack
Length/Width 2,000/500 4,000/500
Area 1 m2 2 m2
Connected load 150 W 300 W
Connection 1/N/PE ~ 230 V
Installation requirements As per AS/NZS3000
Controller RTF Connect (included)
Model number FTM 3 m2Pack FTM 4 m2 Pack
Length/Width 6,000/500 8,000/500
Area 3 m2 4 m2
Connected load 450 W 600 W
Connection 1/N/PE ~ 230 V
Installation requirements As per AS/NZS3000
Controller RTF Connect (included)
Model number FTM 5 m2 Pack FTM 6 m2 Pack
Length/Width 10,000/500 12,000/500
Area 5 m2 6 m2
Connected load 750 W 900 W
Connection 1/N/PE ~ 230 V
Installation requirements As per AS/NZS3000
Controller RTF Connect (included)
Model number FTM 7 m2 Pack FTM 8 m2 Pack
Length/Width 14,000/500 2 x 8,000/500
Area 7 m2 8 m2
Connected load 1050 W 1200 W
Connection 1/N/PE ~ 230 V
Installation requirements As per AS/NZS3000
Controller RTF Connect (included)
Model number FTM 9 m2 Pack FTM 10 m2 Pack
Length/Width 1 x 10,000/500 and
1 x 8,000/500
2 x 10,000/500
Area 9 m2 10 m2
Connected load 1350 W 1500 W
Connection 1/N/PE ~ 230 V
Installation requirements As per AS/NZS3000
Controller RTF-TC (included)
Model number FTB 160 (0.8 m2)
Length/Width 4,000/200
Area 0.8 m2
Connected load 160 W
Connection N/PE ~ 230 V 50 Hz
Installation requirements As per AS/NZS3000
Controller Not included, FTB and FTM to be operated with same controller.


File Category Type Download
RTF-Connect Controller Data SheetData SheetPDF
5.08 MB
FTB In-Shower Mats Operation and Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
6.19 MB
FTM Undertile Heating Operation & Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
14.05 MB
Undertile Heating WarrantyWarrantyPDF
78.93 kB


1. What colour is the controller available in?

The RTF Connect controller is only available in white.

2. How long does it take for the floor to heat up?

Approximately 20-30 minutes; however, this will be dependent on how the mat is installed and the type of tiles.

4. Can the FTM be installed inside walls?

No, it is designed for under tiles only.

5. Is STIEBEL's under-tile heating classed as ambient heating?

Yes, it is designed to make the floor comfortable to walk on. It is not designed as the main source of heating for the bathroom.

6. When you have an in-shower mat and under tile heating mat, do they operate with the same controller?

Yes, the controller operates both mats to a maximum of 2.3 kW in total.

7. How long is the cable from the mat to the controller?

The black cable at the end of the under-tile heating wire is 4 metres long.

8. Can the FTM be installed under wood or vinyl?

No, the FTM mat is recommended for installation under tiles or polished concrete only.

9. Can only an in-shower mat (FTB) be installed?

Yes, but it would be unlikely to be requested. Therefore, the RTF Connect controller (which usually comes with the FTM installation kit) has to be ordered separately.

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