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Green School Project

Green School New Zealand is a remarkable campus that has been designed and developed by both international and local designers, architects, and engineers. This campus was built with the sole purpose of providing a learning environment that facilitates inspired education.

The Green School project seeks to teach young people how to become changemakers, socially conscious entrepreneurs, and how to have a positive impact on the world. The school believes in weaving sustainability into the learning environment, curriculum, and co-curricular activities of its students.

To achieve this, the school has installed various sustainable and cost-effective solutions, such as the WPL 17 ACS Heat Pump. This heat pump is designed to maintain heat in classrooms in a cost-effective and sustainable way. It operates quietly, with a minimum operating sound, and even has a silent mode functionality.

The LWZ 370 Plus mechanical ventilation unit is another impressive installation that has been put in place. This unit replaces indoor air with filtered fresh air from outside, maintaining up to 90% heat recovery and preventing indoor pollutants. This ensures that the students breathe fresh and clean air, which is essential for their health and wellbeing.

Lastly, the WWK 302 Hot Water Heat Pumps have also been installed on the campus. These heat pumps have an active defrost function that automatically maintains operation in cold climates. They can operate in temperatures as low as minus 5°C. This means that students will have access to hot water even in the coldest of temperatures.

Overall, the Green School New Zealand is an impressive campus that not only provides an environment for inspired learning but also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and the need to protect the environment.

  • Green School Project
  • Green School Project
  • Green School Project
  • Green School Project
  • Green School Project
  • Green School Project
Products WWK 302 Hot Water Heat Pump
WPL 17 Air Source Heat Pump
LWZ 370 Plus Heat Recovery Ventilation

Installer Premier Heating
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