HMS Trend

  • High level of integration allows for time-saving installation of heating components.
  • Simple connection to the heat pump via water pipes.
  • Excellent thermal insulation for both heating and cooling, with the main body made of expanded polypropylene (EPP).
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Product Overview

The hydraulic module simplifies the integration of air source heat pumps into the system hydraulics. It comes equipped with an appliance cover that has a high-quality paint finish, allowing for the installation of many components at once. The following components are integrated as standard: the heat pump manager, high-efficiency heating circuit pump for heating and DHW, safety valve, expansion vessel, and emergency/auxiliary heater. Additionally, an optional insulated connector block can be used to further simplify installation and reduce installation time.

Product Details

This hydraulic module is suitable for simplifying the hydraulic connection of mono-block heat pumps to the heating system. The appliance is designed for use in heating or cooling family houses. The insulated, black EPP casing is mounted on the wall in the installation room to save space.

Convenience features
The integral heat pump manager provides fully automatic, weather-compensated control of the heating system. When combined with the optional Internet Service Gateway, the system can be controlled within the home network or with a mobile device. The system includes integral heat and electricity metering via refrigerant circuit data and has a high level of integration. This includes a high-efficiency circulation pump and an expansion vessel for the heating circuit, as well as the electric emergency/auxiliary heater for mono energetic operation and pasteurisation. The heating diverter valve for DHW heating and a safety valve with a drain pipe are also integrated.

Technical Data

External available pressure differential at 1.0 m³/h: 715 hPa
External available pressure differential at 1.5 m³/h: 661 hPa
External available pressure differential at 2 m³/h: 468 hPa
External available pressure differential at 2.5 m³/h: 300 hPa
Rated voltage, control unit 230 V/td>
Rated voltage, emergency/auxiliary heater 230 V
Power consumption, emergency/auxiliary heater 5.90 kW
Application Heat pump systems
Height 896 mm
Height incl. connector block 1131 mm
Width 590 mm
Depth 405 mm
Weight 27 kg
Connection G 1


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HMS Trend Operation and Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
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