HSBC 200 S (GB)

  • Combi appliance comprising a domestic hot water tank and a buffer tank
  • Halves the installation space required for individual tanks
  • Compact, compatible and energy saving for use in detached houses
  • Perfectly matched components for use in conjunction with an air | water heat pump for domestic hot water, room heating, and cooling.
  • On-board WPM 4 controller
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Product Overview

The HSBC 200 S comprises a hot water tank and buffer tank in one. This almost halves the amount of space required for installation. When paired with a compatible heat pump, the HSBC provides luxurious heating, hot water, and cooling.

Product Details

Efficiently heat and cool your home with this integral cylinder, designed to work seamlessly with heat pumps in family houses. It delivers both hot water and heating/cooling, connecting effortlessly to your existing systems. It manages the delivery, separation, and control between the heat pump and heating circuit, ensuring optimal performance.

Key features include:

Durable and efficient construction: The hot water cylinder features enamelled steel with exceptional insulation and corrosion protection. The buffer cylinder boasts similarly effective insulation.

Comprehensive control and safety systems: A built-in control unit manages the heat pump, pumps, and valves, while robust safety systems ensure reliable operation.

Flexible heating options: An electric heater provides backup or auxiliary heating, and there's an option to add a heating circuit with a mixer for even greater versatility.

User-friendly design: The housing features a durable plastic jacket and a sleek metal front with a cover design that blends seamlessly into your home.

Installation is a breeze:
The stacked cylinders are designed for easy separation and installation, featuring convenient recessed grips for handling.

Minimise energy waste:
This cylinder maximises energy efficiency with low standby losses of less than 5%, keeping your energy bills in check. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this integral cylinder, designed to meet the needs of modern homes using heat pumps.

Technical Data

Model Number HSBC 200 S (GB)
Nominal capacity, DHW tank 168 L
Nominal capacity, buffer tank 100 L
Height 1908 mm
Width 680 mm
Depth 871 mm
Energy efficiency class C
Standby energy consumption/24 h at 65 °C 1.6 kWh
Surface, indirect coil 3.3 m2
Rated control voltage 230 V
Rated voltage, emergency/booster heater 230 V
Power consumption, emergency/booster heater 5.9 kW
Heat pump connection 28 mm
Heating circuit connection 22 mm
Cold water connection 22 mm
DHW connection 22 mm
DHW circulation connection 12 mm
Height of unit when tilted 2107 mm
Weight 203 kg
Suitable for WPL 17 ACS Classic, WPL 25 AC / WPL 25 ACS


File Category Type Download
HSBC 200 S (AU) DatasheetData SheetPDF
628.58 kB
HSBC 200 S (GB) Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
15.18 MB
HSBC WarrantyWarrantyPDF
140.48 kB
HSBC 200 S 2D CAD DWG fileTechnical DrawingDWG
603.17 kB
HSBC 200 S 2D CAD DXF fileTechnical DrawingDXF
1.51 MB
HSBC 200 S 3D CAD STP fileTechnical DrawingSTP
20.37 MB
HSBC 200 S Dimension DrawingTechnical DrawingPNG
237.00 kB
HSBC 200 S Dimension Drawing - LegendTechnical DrawingPDF
53.46 kB
HSBC 200 S Dimension Drawing - Minimum Space Technical DrawingPNG
197.63 kB
HSBC 200 S Exploded DrawingExploded DiagramPNG
44.75 kB
WPM Heat Pump Manager CommissioningCommissioningPDF
5.56 MB


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