LWZ 8 CS Premium

  • Compact appliance offering the following functions: ventilation, domestic hot water, underfloor heating, and cooling
  • Matrix display with "Touch Wheel" for intuitive operation
  • Integral high-efficiency pump for energy saving heat distribution
  • Integral domestic hot water cylinder for maximum convenience
  • Ergonomically designed programming unit for easy operation
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Product Overview

Passsive House Certified Component
Passive House Certified Component

This appliance has been independently tested and certified by the Passive House Institute.

Introducing the LWZ 8 CS Premium: Your Integral System for Ultimate Control and Efficiency
Discover the LWZ 8 CS Premium, an all-in-one solution designed to provide optimal comfort and efficiency for your new build and detached houses. This cutting-edge system combines a reversible air | water heat pump with advanced technology to deliver central ventilation, hot water, underfloor heating, and cooling.

Product Details

Smart and Intuitive Control
Experience unmatched convenience with our integral electronic weather-compensated control unit. This intelligent system ensures precise output-dependent control of heating, DHW output, solar thermal system, cooling, and ventilation. With preselected programs for fans, heating, DHW, and absence/holiday settings, managing your home environment has never been easier. Plus, benefit from additional features like humidity protection ventilation with an integral humidity sensor, airflow rate reduction when humidity is low, passive cooling, and a dry heating program.

Enhanced Features for Your Comfort
Enjoy added flexibility with an integral programming unit and the option of a remote control unit with a humidity sensor. Our Internet Service Gateway (ISG) with optional KNX and PV optimization allows you to stay connected and in control, even when you're away. Rest easy knowing that the refrigerant circuit of the air | water heat pump is equipped with all the necessary safety features, ensuring worry-free operation.

Easy Installation and Attractive Design
Installing the LWZ 8 CS Premium is a breeze, with outdoor air, supply air, exhaust air, and extract air connections conveniently located at the top of the appliance. Crafted with a robust sheet steel casing and a modern, award-winning design, our system not only performs flawlessly but also complements the aesthetics of your living space.

Experience the Future of Home Comfort
Upgrade your living space with the LWZ 8 CS Premium and experience the next level of control, efficiency, and comfort. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle while enjoying cutting-edge technology designed to make your home a haven of tranquillity and relaxation.

Join Stiebel Eltron in shaping a greener, smarter future. Explore the LWZ 8 CS Premium today.

Technical Data

Model LWZ 8 CS
Number 201290
Output at A7/W35 (EN 14511) 4.4
Coefficient of performance at A7/W35 (EN 14511) 4.743/h
Output at A-7/W35 (EN 14511) 8.34
Coefficient of performance at A-7/W35 (EN 14511) 2.61
Sound power level (EN12102) 57dB (A)
Heat recovery Up to 90%
Air flow 80 – 300 m3/h
Storage Volume 235L
Weight 420 kg
Height 1885
Width 1430
Depth 812


File Category Type Download
LWZ CS8 DatasheetData SheetPDF
0.97 MB
LWZ CS8 Installation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
20.94 MB
LWZ CS8 Operation GuideOperation and Installation GuidePDF
2.26 MB
LWZ 8CS WarrantyWarrantyPDF
113.55 kB
Certified Passive House Component - LWZ 8 CSCertificatePDF
181.93 kB


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