North Island | Family House
Remuera high performance home

A high-performance home in the North Island from the team at Enveloped. This home features an energy-efficient STIEBEL ELTRON hot water heat pump and heat recovery ventilation unit.

“The system installed by Enveloped has totally changed our lives! The house that used to be damp, unevenly hot and cold is now dry and warm during the winter and cool during the summer. The best part is that system enables us easily control the heating/cooling in zones, which means that, for example, the colder rooms on the South side of the house that don’t get much sun are as warm as the rooms on the northern side. The ventilation ensures that air keeps circulating throughout the house even when the air conditioning/heating unit is not in use."

Kaisla, homeowner

  • Remuera high performance home
  • STIEBEL ELTRON WWK hot water heat pump
  • Stiebel LWZ170 ventilation
  • Stiebel FEQ ventilation controller
  • Remuera high performance home
  • Remuera high performance home

WWK hot water heat pump
LWZ 170 heat recovery ventilation
FEQ air quality sensor

Installer Enveloped