MEW open vented short spout sink mixer

  • Short spout design
  • 3 star WELS rating
  • Maximum 8L/min flow rate
  • Open vented design to suit the SNU water heater
  • Extended lever also available (sold separately)
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Product Overview

MEW open vented short spout sink mixer to suit the SNU water heater

Suitable for use with the STIEBEL ELTRON SNU 5 and SNU 10 compact storage water heater the MEW is a short spout single lever sink mixer. The SNU is an open vented water heater and requires one of the four styles of STIEBEL ELTRON taps to be fitted with the product. The MEW sink mixer is rated with a three star WELS rating. The maximum flow rate of the MEW sink mixer is 8 litres per minute.

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Product Details

Open vented sink mixer

  • Suitable for use with the SNU 5 and SNU 10
  • 3 Star WELS rated
  • Maximum flow rate 8L/min

Technical Data

Model number MEW
WELS rating 3 star
Maximum flow rate 8L/min


File Category Type Download
SNU Sink Mixers Data SheetData SheetPDF
367.87 kB
SNU Tapware WarrantyWarrantyPDF
109.09 kB
MEW DimensionsTechnical DrawingPDF
32.33 kB
MEW Extended Lever DimensionsTechnical DrawingPDF
73.18 kB
STIEBEL ELTRON Exploded Diagram MEWExploded DiagramPDF
191.90 kB


1. Can a flow straightener be fitted on the MEW open vented sink mixer?

No, only a STIEBEL ELTRON flow straightener can be used with this tap, non approved aerators are not be fitted to the MEW sink mixer.

2. Can a water filter be fitted on the end of the spout of the MEW sink mixer?

No, as an open vented tap there must not be any restriction on the spout as it is used to vent the water heater.

3. Can the cartridge be changed on the MEW open vented sink mixer?

Yes, a replacement cartridge is available for the MEW sink mixer.

4. Is there an extended lever option?

Yes, an extended lever is available to suit the MEW sink mixer. Sold separately.

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