Pro Clima HUB - A pivotal moment for construction in New Zealand

Pro Clima is changing the face of the New Zealand construction industry, and youíre invited to their opening day! The doors open for the first time to the New Zealand public on Friday July 7, 2017. To celebrate, Pro Clima is hosting an open day with food, drinks, seminars, workshops and live demonstrations.

Pro Climaís range of airtight insulation and sealing solutions will be displayed working in combination with STIEBEL ELTRONís centralised ventilation system with heat recovery. By constructing airtight homes, various benefits can be realized, such as greater energy savings, prevention of structural damages and healthier comfortable living spaces.

STIEBEL ELTRONís LWZ 370 PLUS ventilation system utilizes a unique cross current exchanger, which provides up to 90% heat recovery. The LWZ 370 PLUS also features easy filter replacement design and an optional air quality sensor.

The Pro Clima HUB is located at 63 Hugo Johnston Drive, Penrose, Auckland. If you have any enquiries, please contact us on 09 486 2221. We look forward to seeing you there!

63 Hugo Johnston Drive,
Penrose, Auckland

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