Cold Feet Need Under Tile Heating

Bathroom heating

Warming Winter Toes

Electric under tile floor heating

Winter is on its way. Do you shiver slightly at the thought?
Do you leap from shower to bathroom mat in fear of frozen shock?
Do you avoid doing laundry, because it’s just that little bit too chilly in there?
Have you ever considered showering in socks?

It’s time for Under Tile Heating.

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No More Arctic Floor Expeditions

Tiles and polished concrete are cold on the feet. This is great in the summer, but not so great in the winter. The grim permafrost of winter bathrooms means no matter how hard you crank a heat lamp or wall heater; the floor remains a solid block of ice.

A More Efficient Way to Winter

A heat lamp or wall heater is a long way from the floor. It’s all the way up there, desperately throwing heat energy down. You end up with slightly dryer shoulders and a chill seeping through the bathroom mat. This old way is not really logical, efficient or even comfortable.

Under Tile Heating Changes Everything

With Under Tile Heating, the bathroom floor becomes the heater. A network of Under Tile elements evenly distribute heat smoothly into your tiles. You stand directly on the source of warmth. Goodbye winter ice sprint, hello to a bathroom experience you can enjoy in winter.

Bathroom Bathroom with under tile heating element
With Under Tile Heating you get a floor to ceiling,
room-wide, full-body-felt ambience, that all begins with toasty warm feet.

This is your new warm foundation.
Drag the above image left and right.

Under Tile Heating Accessories

RTF-TC Touch Screen Controller
Leave Cold Feet at the Door: RTF-TC Controller

The programmable controller automatically adjusts to ensure that the floors are at the temperature you set at the time you want. You can walk slowly into the coldest winter mornings with warm and temperature-confident toes! The RTF-TC controller is included with every STIEBEL ELTRON under tile heating pack.

FTB In-Shower Heating Mat
Protect Against Mould: In-Shower Heating Mat

Under Tile Heating extends under the shower space. Once-were-wet-areas, now dry faster, which is both intense luxury and a huge practical bonus. You have a new secret weapon in the endless fight against bathroom mould and have levelled up to showering in Versace level of comfort. The FTB in-shower heating mats can be optionally added to your under tile heating pack.

Extra Benefits

No Dusty Drafts and Circulation Benefits

Allergy sufferers also rejoice. Warm-foot radiance does not mean blasting dust filled air into your space and is fantastic for blood circulation. A warm floor in the bathroom translates to even blood circulation as blood vessels can relax and not constrict to hold in warmth.

Slip-less Surfaces and Toasty Towels

Aside from floor and shower spaces drying in record time, your bathroom has never seen such toasty conditions for drying towels. Even in low light, enjoy dry bathroom floors, post shower spaces and towels.

Grateful Pets Love Warm Laundries

Beyond the bathroom, Under Tile heating saves the day in the laundry as well. Another traditionally cold and wet space becomes dry and comfortable for bare feet. This can also have a magic effect of pet magnetism—laundry floors become the new favourite spot for fluffy family members.

Purchasing and Installation

Under Tile installation has come a long way towards an easy installation. This all makes for a cost-effective ad-on during a new build or renovation. While the tiles are up, lay down the infrastructure for a warmer future.

  • Under Tile Heating is applied above the slab and directly to the screed
  • Adhesive mesh makes setting the system easy on the slab and DIY friendly
  • Once installed the system is silent and operates independently of the existing heating system

Wholistic Warmth Efficiency and Easy Up-Front Costs

With kit prices starting around $699 Under Tile Heating really is a no-brain energy saver.

A heating pack covering an area of 3 m2, operating for 1 hour per day 365 days a year, at $0.30 per kWh will cost you approximately $0.135 a day.

Although this energy input works out to be almost equivalent to a heat lamp, Under Tile Heating has a much higher overall efficiency and effect. Translating to far greater warmth for your dollar.

A Kingdom of Luxury – Warm and Dry

There is nothing more satisfying than defying the elements and creating your own kingdom of luxury. Warm feet and dry floors in traditionally wet and cold areas of the home. The laundry and bathroom become spaces you would rather be in.

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