WPF 10M / 13M / 16M

  • 10.02 - 16.99 kW heating output at B0/W35
  • Cascade up to 6 geothermal heat pumps for higher output
  • Easy system control
  • Extremely quiet operation
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Product Overview

The modular WPF M range of STIEBEL geothermal hydronic heat pumps are systems capable of delivering renewable energy to buildings on a much larger scale. With the ability to cascade up to six heat pumps, the system can deliver a combined output of up to 100 kW, making it perfect for heating larger buildings or apartments. The WPF M range of geothermal hydronic heat pumps can be used with up to two controllers, making system control very easy. The modules can be matched, stage-by-stage, to your individual requirements, to deliver an energy supply solution for DHW and central heating.

Product Details

Technical Data

Model WPF 10M WPF 13M WPF 16M
Output at B0/W35 (EN 14511) 10.02 kW 12.98 kW 16.99 kW
Coefficient of performance at B0/W35 (EN 14511) 4.49 4.57 4.35
Flow rate, heat source side 2.2 m³/h 3.1 m³/h 3.8 m³/h
Sound power level (EN 12102) 51 dB(A) 51 dB(A) 51 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at a distance of 1 m 40 dB(A) 40 dB(A) 45 dB(A)
Rated compressor voltage 400 V 400 V 400 V
Height 960 mm 960 mm 960 mm
Width 510 mm 510 mm 510 mm
Depth 680 mm 680 mm 680 mm
Weight 112 kg 120 kg 125 kg


File Category Type Download
WPF 10M Data SheetData SheetPDF
261.00 kB
WPF 13M Data SheetData SheetPDF
261.65 kB
WPF 16M Data SheetData SheetPDF
262.02 kB
WPF 10M 13M 16M Operation and InstallOperation and Installation GuidePDF
3.88 MB
WPF 10M / 13M / 16M WarrantyWarrantyPDF
110.03 kB
WPF 10M 13M 16M CAD FileTechnical DrawingDXF
729.50 kB
WPF 10M 13M 16M Tech Line DrawingTechnical DrawingPNG
162.62 kB
WPF 10M 13M 16M Explosion DrawingExploded DiagramPNG
36.67 kB


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